“siding with things”
Documented by Ryan Wang 

Hyoju Cheon’s kinetic installations explore the entanglement of mechanical and human movements. Animated by motors, her works swing, spin, produce vibrations, and leave marks on the gallery’s walls.
By interrupting, triggering, and engaging in motions of the human bodies, Hyoju draws attention to the unnoticed, unexpected, and usually repetitive encounters between things and space.
Soft materials are attached to the machine-driven wooden devices which encourages our bodily contact with the works.

- Yindi Chen

“siding with things” 
installation view 2023.

Tick-ck — Tack                                                                                                                    E—E - - Tak
H 34inch x L 31 inch x W 8 inch, Wood,                                                                     H 51 inch x W 4.5 inch,  Ac motor, polyester fabric,
Servo motor, egg, polyester fabric, foam, 2023                                                        foam, fishing line, egg, 2023

Toomm Ta                                                                                                                                installation view 2023
H 12 inch x L 18.5inch  x W 13 inch , Wood, servo motor,                                            
egg, polyester fabric, foam, 2023

Photo document by Yulin Gu