Painting-Creating Machines

Personal work
gypsum, wood
installation, dimension variable

Represents repeated movements by painting discs that fade over time. This began with a concern about physical properties. What is wear, and what is the deformation of its physical properties?
The paint is worn out by the rotation of the motor, but it preserves its mo- bility and leaves a trace of time.

Brush with paints bucket filled the plastic disc run by DC motor. Over time, this leaves a physical trace of what was consumed.  
The time is set to 1, 3, 8, 13, 17 and 20 minutes. As time went by, the plaster disc are filled with paint and the plaster disc is worn very finely by brush. We sense that the life of the motor is also getting worn out. People can feel the change in physical properties. The amount filled with the paint is recorded differently according to the set time.

© Hyoju Cheon